I crocheted… gifts! Christmas reveal, post 1

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So I’m writing this BEFORE Christmas, but you’re reading it after the Holidays will have come and gone.  I wanted everyone to have received their handmade presents prior to posting them for the entire world to see.  You know, just in case.  But I have been biting my nails like a nut because I am THAT much of a baby.  Yep.

So… I’ve separated my Christmas reveal into different posts because I felt like each series of items deserved an entire post =) I think I’ll be posting them in order of completion, but who knows.  Not that it actually matters!  Here then is the 1st series of items : the ever-popular Owl Hats from Repeat Crafter Me.

See the project details on Ravelry, including my only changes to make the adult size better fit my huge head.

Now, if you follow ACCROchet on facebook, and if you don’t… why not?  You’ve seen these hats already.  Sorry about that.  A lapse in judgement.  But the recipients DIDN’T so it’s all good.  I made 4 (as you can tell from that 1st picture) for the following people :

Me, Miss ACCROchet, Monkey Boy & Rosalie, a very old friend’s 2 year old.

So that’s 1 reveal out of the way!  Can’t wait to show you what’s next!