I crocheted a Viking Eternity cowl on a roadtrip

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So over the holidays we spent a week at my parents’ house located in Thetford Mines, a good 3.5 hours from where we live. It’s a lot of road for 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 dogs and a whole lotta Christmas and clothing and outdoor equipment… But with my sweat pants and my yarn & hooks, I was good to go.

On the way up, I completed a project; on the way down, I completed another. A roadtrip set.

You’ll find the details of the cowl here, and the hat here. The original pattern is lovely and is by WhisperTwister on Ravelry. A good purchase, trust me.

After completing the cowl on my way to my parents’, I had 1 ball of Katia Peru in that particular mustard yellow colourway left. Not enough for a slouchy, I feared, especially using the same stitch pattern. I did have hope for an beanie inspired by the cowl pattern. I kept fiddling with the idea throughout vacation, until it was time to drive back.

Top down didn’t work, but that was my fault – I fudged the stitch pattern & ended up decreasing instead of increasing the crown (yes, trust me, it’s possible) – so I decided to go bottom up instead. I have a big head (22″) so I chained 48, worked a row of sc, and then worked in pattern until I felt the hat was high enough. I worked the decreases into the stitch pattern, until there was almost no hole left on top, and stitched the thing closed.

You can’t see it on these pics, but this beanie required a pompom for perfection, so I obliged.

So there you have it. One of my favorite reasons to crochet is the speed. And a set in a trip is pretty speedy in my mind!