New crochet pattern : the Sweetheart mittens

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I really liked the stitch in the Ski Bunny Hat and I wanted to make companion mittens. So here you have ’em : the Sweetheart Mittens… released today for some reason or other ;P

What’s this: These are the Sweetheart Mittens. They were designed in collaboration with Illimani Yarns & are part of a 2-pattern set (see link above).

Why should I make these: These mittens with a removable hood are definitely adorable. Crocheted in Royal Alpaca, they are also completely decadent!

When will these get the most use: As soon as it gets chilly!

Who are they for: These mittens are for everyone.

Where do I start: This pattern is rated Intermediate – You’ll need to be comfortable with crochet in general, and some complex crochet stitch placement. You will need 100g of Worsted weight yarn – for two colour mittens, add 10g of the second colour (used here: Illimani Royal I) & a 4.5 mm hook. Other notions: 4x 1’’ (2.5 cm) buttons, a yarn needle, and some stitch markers.


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Julie xx