#bethecrochetchange March 2

Aussi en / Also in frFrançais

I’ve had my eye on this pattern forever! Now it is mine.

Pattern is foxberryjam, and is available on Ravelry. It can be exploded into a shawl, which is why I needed it!


The #bethecrochetchange project began in 2014. On the 10th of each month, I purchase a pattern from a crochet designer to encourage them to keep creating! Want to join in? Write me!

2 thoughts on “#bethecrochetchange March

  • Leila Marcial

    I’d like to join you in making the Fractal, j’avais c’est patron pour un an. Alais je n’avais pas incentive pour fait Fractal alone. Merci Beaucoup pour votre acompagnement(?). I like to practice what little French I know. Leila M. Dans l’Etats Unis

    • ACCROchet Post author

      Hi Leila! E-mail me at julie DOT accrochet AT gmail DOT com & let’s see how we can make that happen =) Bravo pour le français!

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