#bethecrochetchange April

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We all heart about the woman who crocheted her wedding dress on her commute, right? Well, at the time people were mostly talking about the price of material, while we crocheters know just how much time & talent went into this project… Anyway.

That beautiful and talented woman, Chi Krneta, actually wrote the pattern for her dress, and more recently the train addition. The dress pattern offers plenty of options such as a longer or shorter dress, or a different top, etc. So this morning I actually purchased 2 patterns instead of 1. I hope Chi keeps creating! Oh, and no rumours guys.. but when the time comes, I have the patterns!

The dress is here, and the pattern is here.

The #bethecrochetchange project began in 2014.
On the 10th of each month, I purchase a pattern from a crochet designer to encourage them to keep creating! Want to join in? Write me!