I interviewed : Sylvie of Mordue et ses sacs

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Do you know Mordue et ses Sacs*? Or the woman behind the lovely project bags?

*Mordue et ses sacs – in the context of this small business – translates to Addicted to her bags

Sylvie is a passionate person. Her bags are absolutely necessary to my crochet projects. Her choice of fabrics never fails. And she will often create a whole line of bags using a specific fabric if that’s what you (read: OCDesque me) need. It’s a pleasure to read her on Facebook or to meet with her in person.

She always has something nice to say to people, and there is seemingly no end to how generous she is. She agreed to be interviewed by me (yay!) so have fun reading our conversation!

(Q) How and when did Mordue et ses sacs become a business, and how did you choose the name? 

(A) Mordue et ses Sacs came about absolutely by accident in 2013. I wanted to make a bag for my daughter’s needle point project.  I enjoyed the experience and made more for myself and my projects.

Friends and acquaintances started asking for their own project bags, which led me to think they might actually sell in a store. So I contacted Pure Laine etc., my first point of purchase. That same summer, I also went to Twist Festival, where I managed to secure more shop space for my bags. Things were going so well that I decided to go back to school to get a degree in starting a business. I figured if it was worth doing, it was worth doing right!

Initially, because we were renovating our house, my workshop was in the kitchen. We ate many meals with my sewing machine at the table. Now I have my own space in the basement.

So that’s how it all started. For now, I’m focusing on making always better bags so that I can stand out.

The name is actually my screen name on a Quebec knitting forum. It stems from the fact that I buy a loooot of bags and purses (read: I have a compulsion).


(Q) How do you choose your wonderful fabrics and project bag models?

(A) I spend about 2 hours each day looking for fabrics online. My knitting-themed fabrics are from the US for the most part, as they are impossible to find here (in Quebec).

And I choose the types of bag from all sorts of places before adapting them to the needs of knitters and crocheters.


(Q) I know you knit and crochet; how did you learn? What are your go-to projects? 

(A) I’ve been doing both for about 35 years. Knitting is my craft of choice. I love to knit shawls and baby blankets.

I don’t crochet quite as much, but I am currently on an amigurumi binge. I learned to crochet on my own, with help from books. My mom later taught me how to knit.

I’ve taken a lot of knitting classes.  I still do from time to time.


(Q) Tell us about your family, and where you’re from? 

(A) I am originally from Montreal, exiled to the suburbs because of my husband. Our family includes 6 adults and 4 little males aged 4 months to 12 years.

I love small dogs. Mine is a spoiled 2 1/2 year old mix of bichon and shih-tsu. She’s super sweet and affectionate.


(Q) And how does a person get a hold of your project bags? 

(A)  My bags are available on my Facebook page and at Tricotine & Cie in Deux-Montagnes.


(Q) Before we leave off, you HAVE to tell me a secret about you.. something I’d have never guessed!  

(A) Oooooh. THAT question.  I am super mega lazy. That’s why I’m so organized.. I hate to start over. I work with procedures in just about everything I do. I guess that’s why I love to knit. I just follow the pattern. My daughter calls me Miss Organized. I also make a lot of lists……….. I love lists!


Thank you so much, Sylvie!


To follow Mordue et ses Sacs, or to buy your own: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mordue-et-ses-Sacs/