Round up of my 2015 patterns & closing the year!

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2015 was a busy year for me. A good busy =)

It was a great year in general: my family is a wonderful source of love and inspiration, my daytime job is tailor-made for me, and my passion – crochet – is fulfilling & successful.

Here is a roundup up of the patterns I published in 2015. Remember, these patterns are all 3 for the price of 2 until December 31st!

Read on for links below the image.

Julie xx



Swiftyloo Hat (Free pattern)

Red Riding Hood

Lemonade Hat

Key Lime Slouch 


Convertible (Pieces that go from hat to cowl!)






Austin Squared (Tunisian crochet)

The One (3rd loop crochet)

Obstinate (Tunisian crochet)


Twisted (Tunisian crochet)

Ocean Geometry (Tunisian crochet)



Adstock shawl (Tunisian crochet)

Green Tea shawl (Tunisian crochet)

Theoretically shawl (Tunisian crochet)

Granite & Quarts shawl



Jacqueline pullover

Rocket shrug 

Blueberry Jam sweater


Hands & Feet

Pumpkin Spice fingerless mittens

Unicorn mittens (Free pattern)

Ice Cream socks

Workman’s socks



Spring cup cozy (Free pattern)

Origami clutch

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