The life of an overachieving procrastinor, part one

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I don’t make resolutions, per se, but I do vow to myself, at the end of pretty much each year, that I will be better organized in the year to come, and that I will procrastinate less.
Don’t get me wrong: most of my career has been as a project manager, so I’m more organized than a lot of people. That doesn’t mean I don’t always want to be even more so. And as far as procrastination goes, my problem is really that after the day is done, I’d much rather sit with my hook designing new things, than with my laptop to write down the patterns =)
So each year I promise myself I’ll be better, and for the most part, each year I am. At least a little bit.
Salena Baca, of Design Wars, asked the Design Wars designers to set 5 long-term goals & 5 short term goals. I’m adding them here to be held accountable (Salena again!).
• Nurture relationships; meet new people; go to more events.

• Limit engagements to major events or, whenever not, to appropriate channels. (This mostly means I will only take on what I can actually take on, instead of everything that passes by my nose =))

• Publish a 2014 & a 2015 pattern e-book.

• Develop more revenue streams (translation, workshops, contributions, pattern sales, etc.)

• Publish 2 new patterns per month. Create 1 branded item for sale.


• Create and stick to an editorial calendar. Make a to-do list in the evening for the next day.

• Add links to all pattern shops in existing pattern pages on

• Add all free patterns to; edit & republish older patterns; retire inactive patterns.

• Mindmaps! Make them visible! (I discovered mindmaps through a business rejuvenation class at the end of 2015 & love them!)

• Add prototypes to Etsy shop.


So that’s the way I started the year. Planning & organizing.
And then, of course, I was tested =)

Julie xx