The life of an overachieving procrastinator: May 2016

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Well it looks like I … procrastinated on this post! Badum, tss.

In May, the Libellule MCAL was in full force. For the curious the full pattern has now been released! I also published a free slipper pattern, Perfect Rustic Slippers. And Peek a blue found its way into this month’s The Pattern Pack =)

In June, I plan on releasing 2 patterns: one through Happily Hooked Magazine & one via Yarn Crush. I can’t wait for you to see them!

PSST: The Happily Hooked one is now live!

I turned 40 at the end of May. I was spoiled as always, and celebrated with my family. The Man put together a video compilation of people I love and who seem to love me back (!) with my mom’s help. I was so emo watching it.

The Scheepjes CAL to honour Wink, a designer we lost way too soon, is ongoing, and I am up to date! W00T! I thought I’d be far behind by now, but apparently forcing myself to work on these squares each week, almost before anything else, is centering me. It’s taking me back to what I love about crochet.

There were some shitty things this month too. A vanishing tester mid-MCAL, facebook silence… but I’m choosing to let go in order to keep moving.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who buy my patterns & allow me to keep going!

Julie xx


2016 Objectives – May


• Nurture relationships; meet new people; go to more events.

A knit night with Julie Asselin at Tricotine this month. I love that lady. Hard to do otherwise.

My pet projects, #bethecrochetchange & Featured fiber artist.

Limit engagements to major events or, whenever not, to appropriate channels.

The above-mentioned CAL is keeping me centered. I still have a bunch of projects, but am currently not running after them.

• Publier 2 e-books: patrons 2014 & patrons


Develop more revenue streams (translation, workshops, contributions, pattern sales, etc.)

I’ve signed up for some affiliate programs so that the trusted sources I send you too pay me a small amount of money as a thank you.

I’m also submitting to magazines.

Publish 2 new patterns per month. Create 1 branded item for sale.

In May I published 1.5 patterns.



Add all free patterns to; edit & republish older patterns; retire inactive patterns.



Happy crochet!!

Julie xx