A girlie roadtrip!

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Last Saturday, my friend Marie-Ange and I went on a minimalist* roadtrip. =)

*When I told the man I was going on a roadtrip, he was surprised. When I told him where (about 30 km away) he just mocked me. 

So… We were headed to the Beaconsfield Craft Fair. Never having been there, I had no expectations. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the number of artisans and artists, many of whom were fiber artists =). I even discovered a new yarn shop, Le Coin Artisanal, only 20 minutes away from home.

Before the fair though, I had one quick stop to make in Laval. Marie-Ange is always up for following me to a new yarn shop, so off we went to discover Artfil. I fell in love! The shop is close to other yarn shops, so there is pretty much no duplication, which is fun, and there’s a line of yarns handdyed by the owner. I’ll introduce these lovely ladies and their shop & yarn in a further article. Thanks to Elise for the warm welcome!

My haul :

At Artfil (Laval): full & mini skeins of the Artfil lines (left & right), heart-shaped wooden buttons (in a pocket in the bag!), a gorgeous yellow yarn by Mirasol Peru (center), and a Tunisian crochet book (bottom) =)

At Le Coin Artisanal (Beaconsfield): a beautiful colourful skein of Manos Del Uruguay (top) and a bunch of crochet appliqués (in the ziploc bag at the bottom).

At the Beaconsfield Fair: A Delightful Creation bag (top left), an Charming Buttons initial necklace (center right) that is actually a snap button (!), and a Sweet Pea Aromatherapy Chilled Sangria handcream (above the necklace).




So basically an awesome day, with a dear friend – exactly the way I like it!

Julie xx

PS Bonus photo of a yarnbomb in front of Le Coin Artisanal.