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So… it’ll have taken me a whole month to finally complete this festival post. Super proud =)

What a beautiful weekend we had, Stéphanie and I, at the Twist Fibre Festival. It would’ve been hard to have a better first experience. All I had hoped for were networking opportunities, cool finds, and obviously, to make up the investment. I got a whole lot more. I’m hoping to do this more often.

Friday evening : Marco and I arrived around 9pm and started setting things up in my half of the booth I was to share with À la maille suivante. Stéphanie had gotten there much earlier and was all done, but she’d come back to see how things were going for me.  I was pretty happy we had thought of everything.  And our booth was in a great location : a corner smack dab in the middle of the whole thing.  Impossible to miss.

Marco and I went to get a bite to eat, then some sleep.

Saturday : First day.  Around 10:30 things get serious.  A lot of people come by, touch, chat.  We both realize quickly – as we’d been told by those people who’d had a booth last yeat – that Saturday visitors are there to find yarn & tools.  We sell many patterns.  A happy thing also happens : a teenager falls in love with a lace scarf I made out of different colours of sock yarn.  It matches her hat perfectly.  Her mom buys it for her… and I am thrilled.

Saturday evening : After a long but good day, back to Camping St-André. I already know we’ll be back.  I thought St-André-Avellin was a lot further from home than it actually is.  It’s not close either, but it’s an easy hour drive.  We had little time to explore the grounds but this camping site is wonderful.  Our spot sits right in front of the mountain.  They also accept dogs, which is a big thing.

Marco got us some supplies during the day : awesome obligatory camping supper of canned beef ragoût & beer.  After dark, we sit by our campfire and talk with festival goers from Quebec city.

Sunday : This morning I’m a little tired, gotta admit.  But also excited to see if the other vendors are right about today’s visitors.  Sunday visitors are apparently here to buy items. Can’t wait to see.  The day starts off slower, but when it picks up… it sure picks up.  We both sell many hats, berets, headbands… and a lot less patterns.  Another neat surprise for me : a woman falls in love with a green circular jacket I made with chunky yarn.  She buys it!  Later I’ll remember I hadn’t gotten around to photographing it yet.  Ooops.

I also do my own shopping..  A wire-crocheted necklace is flirting with me.  As are some ceramic buttons & recycled wood shawl pins.  Respecting my budget, I get the necklace and buttons.  My head is full of ideas : the vendors here are very inspiring.

So there you have it.

Thanks to Amélie, chief Twist, for the invite; to Stéphanie, super-knitter, for her presence (much needed for sanity); and to Bianca for the great banner.  And to all of you who came by to chat, or buy our items… thank you SO much!

Until next year!

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