ACCROchet in 2013 : February – March update

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Since it’s mid-March and all, how about an update?


  • My crochet resolutions

Moar quality.

[success]February – March : I’m going to soon be starting a shrug from the Lion Brand website using Vanna’s Glamour.  It’s called Glittery Shrug, the pattern is free & I ordered the black Vanna’s Glamour yarn for it.

I’ve also been working on the Blueberry Popover for Miss ACCROchet in Cascade Merino, as recommended.

And I’m filling a few amigurumi orders using Bergère de France – Caline & Vanna’s Choice.[/success]

Blueberry popover

Blueberry popover

Less neverending beginings. 

[success]March : the Canopy cardi-wrap is now finished!  Pics to follow, of course.

Other projects to finish include the moorish mosaic afghan and the second of a pair of Drops socks, as well as other projects mentioned above. [/success]

Moar ACCROchet. 

[success]March : A lot of interviews, translations and orders under way.  When I tell you who I’m translating for, you’ll freak.  [/success]

*Quick reminder that if you want to be featured in an ACCROchet interview of if you have patterns to translate, use the message box above to send me a message and we’ll talk!

  • My un-crocher resolutions.

Moar flowers.


February: I got a beautiful rose from The Man for V-day weekend =) It was accompanied by a gorgeous engagement ring.

March : Moar roses, this time from a client for whom I organised a big event.  I also bought these lovely fake Spring flowers that I love.  They’re now on my piano.


Roses mars

Roses mars


Plus de lecture. 

January : reading “More than it hurts you“.

[warning]Incredibly, I lost the book.  In a mall.  Ugh. [/warning]



February:  Evening Makes the Whole Day, Preeta Samarasan.  What a great story; loved it.

March : currently reading – The sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Alan Bradley.



Moar recentering.



February – March : I’m loving this whole colouring thing.  It’s fun to see the mandalas come to life.

Also drinking herbal tea in the evening.  Soothing.



Moar outdoors, physical, family activities.



February : walked the dogs a few times with the man, and we also went skiing.

March : During the school break, we went skating a few times and despite the very used, very male skates I loved it.  It was a lot of fun doing something I hadn’t done since my childhood.

The man and I also spend moar quality time together on the weekends where we do not have the kidlets.

Otherwise I tried a lot of new recipes over both months, prompting the man’s son to ask if I’d given him instructions on a night when I had an event and wasn’t there to make supper.  Hahahah.

Among others I tried recently :  A strawberry shortcake and crockpot potatoes.




Did you make any resolutions for 2013?  How’s that going for you?  Share in the comments!

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