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I recently purchased 3 colouring books from Chubby Mermaid, a lovely Etsy shop I came accross quite by accident.


Chubby Mermaid


Deborah draws intricate designs – colouring books for adults 🙂 Mandalas have a soothing effect I wanted to incorporate into my resolution to recenter through meditation. Deborah’s mandalas incorporate everything from Zombie Girls to Owls (!!) and are just plain awesome.

When the books came in, I was impressed by the quality : the thick paper and quality of the printing. The drawings I hadn’t yet seen on Etsy were stunning.

I asked Deborah for an interview, and happily she obliged. I sent her my questions and here is the reply she sent. Oh! And be sure to read on for an exclusive offer to ACCROchet readers!

The name Chubby Mermaid came about one day as I realized that all tue other artists were drawing thin, skinny mermaids and mine were, well, more round and shapely. My husband has always called me a Chubby Mermaid because of my love of the beach so the name stuck.

I have been selling my coloring books on Etsy for 2 years and it is growing steadily. I have always been an Artist and always sold my art but more of a hobby than anything else.This year is going to be a big year for me in so many ways, I quit my job in August, moved to Key West Florida and I am tring to make a go of it with just my art. It’s interesting to me how long I have waited to take this leap of faith and live my dream or as Steve Jobs said “Life’s too short to live someone elses life!”.

I started making coloring books for my grandaughters 3 years ago and it grew and grew and now I have over 35 different coloring books and more ideas for future books planned. I must say that the Yoga girls book is my favorite because I love yoga and one of my daughters is a Yoga instructor so we just laugh and laugh at the poses I make them do. The Owls is the #1 seller right now, Zombie girls is a big seller at Halloween and at Christmas time it’s Mandalas and Prayers.

Mandalas are so spiritual to me and because I was a Henna Artist for 13 years my style and love of everything mandala stems from my love of Henna and India. I could draw mandalas all day they are so peaceful and soothing for the mind and soul.
I love to paint, draw, sew, knit, crochet, quilt, scrapbook and cook, but because I don’t have time for everything right now I just really enjoy time with my sharpies and paper and a good cup of tea.

I have a tendancy to be a serious person, I laugh alot but I can be way too serious at times. One thing I have learned from my amazing husband is that life is a journey, be adventurous, take the long road, take lots of risks, make mistakes, be unique and have FUN on the way. Peace, Love and Mermaids!

Thank you so much Julie!

Deborah Muller

To browse through Chubby Mermaid’s colouring books and purchase your own, visit the Etsy shop : Chubby Mermaid

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Thanks Deborah! 🙂


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