I crocheted the All-season shawl

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all-season shawl

all-season shawl, priscilla hewitt

Ravelry project page : here

Yarn : some red acrilyc =) no clue

Hook : H

Backstory :

Back when I used to join swaps* on Ravelry, I joined a big one.  You were to spoil a person for about 3 months, all ending in a big finished object sent to the person.

I made this shawl for my swap-partner and she enjoyed it.  She let me know she was wearing it to church on Sundays & getting many compliments on it.  Another swap-shawl got the same positive comments later on =) I’ll post it sometime too.

The all-season shawl is a very easy project, so if you’re a beginner looking to make something more elaborate, try it.  Free pattern linked on the Ravelry project page.



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