I crocheted… gifts! Christmas reveal, part 2

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The second serie of Christmas presents I made are the Sock Monkey Hats, by Repeat Crafter Me.

You’ll find the details for this pattern on Ravelry, including a slight modification I made to properly fit the hat to my huge head.

The funny thing about these hats is that I started off planning to make 3 : one for my nephew, one for Monkey Boy, and one for Miss ACCROchet. But then I figured it’d be neat for my nephew’s parents to also have their monkey hats, and be able to match with him when they walk around in France. Then I wanted one too. Then I figured The Man would also want one, and our family would match too, as we walk around Québec. Then I figured my father in law was young at heart, too. Then I thought about my mother in law, but she’ll be getting something more sophisticated, like her. =)

So I ended up making 8 HATS!

And if you know me at all, you know I have second sock syndrome, in that I HATE MAKING THE SECOND ANYTHING… so the 8th was pretty painful.

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