I crocheted : Snow boots for Couleurs Mouton… and me!

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When Danièle of Couleurs Mouton asked me to crochet for her, I was thrilled. I love when people let me play with their hand-dyed yarns!

And what a cool surprise to find that Danièle wanted me to crochet a pair of slippers, the pattern of which I’d recently bought for myself. Armed with 900 meters* of Tara in the Raspberry colourway, I set out to crochet a first pair of Snow Boots (the red ones).

I totally think this colourway could’ve easily be named ‘Valentine’ =) =) =)

For a while now, I’ve had a pair of suede soles waiting for the perfect crochet booties. I just couldn’t resist. I took out some stashed Bernat Satin (I love this low-cost yarn that is easy to care for and soooo soft!) and launched into the second pair.

Details of these 2 projects can be found on Ravelry here and here

*Pls note : pattern calls for approx. 600 meters of worsted yarn, held double. Always have more on hand, rather than less… =)

Also, and this applies mostly to the red slippers, since I did not crochet a sole for the khaki ones, I had to re-start this project thrice before being convinced something was up with the instructions for the soles. The crocheted soles were ridiculously unlarge. Eventually I simply added an even round and proceeded with the foot. You’ve been warned.

Dear sceptics : I DID crochet a gauge swatch, and was spot on. However the count is only given for stitch gauge, and row gauge is usually the hardest to meet so. So anyway. The resulting slippers (after my added row on the sole) are perfect, and as such, I have nothing to say against the pattern or designer. Super easy fix.

If you want to use this pattern for a suede-soled slipper, here’s how I did it : With a 2mm hook, I first worked 1 round with 1 strand into the suede soles. This left me with a stitch count double the required count for the foot instructions. I then took my 5.5mm hook abd worked 1 round with 2 strands, decreasing every third stitch. I crocheted a 3rd & even round, and then took up the instructions for the foot.

So, what do you think of these? And of Tara by Couleurs Mouton?



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