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Have you tried making Sue’s Hexagon Baby Sweater only to be baffled by its construction?  I’m here to help, perhaps.

It’s very easy to start making this sweater many, many times, frogging it when you notice that the hexagons are ruffly.  DON’T!  They’re supposed to be!  Once you’ve worked a full, floppy hexagon, you can hold it in its center and fold it into a T shape.  With 2 T shapes together, you’ll notice a sweater in the making!

I made some modifications to the sweater I made : instead of working the collar & edging as instructed, I decided to make a much simpler edgind – to me it looks more modern.  Here’s how I did it :

3 rows of hdc around entire sweater, starting at middle back bottom of sweater and working around.  In the 4 corners in front of the sweater : 3 hdc (making middle hdc and moving marker up with each new row).

3 rows of hdc around both sleeves, working decreases in last row (I decreased every 3rd stitch).

I also did NOT work buttonholes; I chose instead to use the space between double crochets on the sweater as buttonholes – this allows for adjustments as required by baby size.

That’s it!


Have you made this pattern?  It really is a great baby pattern.  Unisex, easy… and workable in any size!  One facebook fan told me she made 2 for herself!  Must try =)


(More details on my Ravelry project page).


Don’t crochet?  Want this for a baby in YOUR life?  Order one here!




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