ACCROchet’s 2013 : moar!

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Like many of you, I made resolutions for 2013.  And like many of you I’ll keep some, and lose some along the way.  I’ve decided to share them here for two reasons : to let you into my little head, and to hold myself accountable… to myself.

  • My crochet resolutions

More quality. Choose the best yarn for the project, not the one that’s there but that I don’t love.  I spend a lot of time with my hooks, I’m pretty sure I’ll appreciate them even more if I’m crocheting with cloud-soft fibers.

[success]January : I’ve started Robyn Chachula’s flowering shawl – it’s made of many flowers, joined as you go.  I chose 2 soft tones of Royal Alpaca yarn.  I’m essentially crocheting with clouds or butter.[/success]

Less neverending beginings.  I don’t want to be all over the place.  I want to be more organised.  Less WIPs at a time; more Fos.  It makes me happy to complete the stuff I start.

[success]January : my focus is on a cardigan I’ve been working on for wayyyy too long.  I’m gonna finish the damn thing.  I will![/success]

·  More ACCROchet.  More blogging, more pretty things in the shop, more hooking, more more more.  It’s my passion and I want to live it.

[success]January : I’m getting my yarn organized, as well as my WIPS and queue.  I’m also on my way to becoming a Crochet Master*;  I like the idea of asking to be called Master sometime in the future.  *I’ll let you know more in a later article. [/success]



  • My un-crochet resolutions

More flowers.  Once a month.

[success]January : they’re not flowers.  They’re not even alive!  But I bought a couple of wooden-slat frames to hand above our bed and the butterflies and flowers flowing across them both are so full of the beauty I crave… they make me feel happy.[/success]

More books.  I’m not even sure I read 5 complete books in 2012.  I used to read a book each week.  I could prove it via my very old blogs. I miss reading.

[success]January : currently reading “More than it hurts you“; as yet unfinished but if you like drama, this is for you – it’s about a family torn by Munchausen syndrome. [/success]

More recentering.  I need to medidate, whether it be by sitting in the lotus position, or sitting with my coloured pens and mandalas, or whatever.  If i’m not centered, I’m not the mom, girlfriend, colleague, teacher, crocheter I want to be.

[success]I received my ChubbyMermaid colouring books today, yay!  mandala owls, mandala zombies, mandala mandalas!  [/success]

More outdoors, physical, family activities.  Whether it’s a walk with The Man and The Bitches after dinner, or a walk in the woods, or a bike ride when weather finally comes back to that I want to soak up the sun!  And I’d like to try yoga.  There, I said it.


So there you have it.  There are a lot of sub-resolutions & these are both vague and clear to my mind.  And it’s already looking good.  I feel full of energy… the quiet, productive energy I like, not the out-of-breath restless crap.

Essentially, I want to reconnect with who and what matters to me, and let go of the noise.  I want to do good around me, in the ways which matter to me.  I want to reconnect with what’s beautiful, without forgetting that there is ugliness too – but without letting the ugly swallow me and make me so angry I slump my shoulders in defeat.  It’s so very simple, really, but also really not.  It’s what I want to fill 2013 with.

Did you make some resolutions for 2013?  Share them below!