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For Christmas, The Man had a great idea : instead of giving the kids more videogames, or cash to spend for themselves, we settled on 4 activities to do as a family. As we both have shared custody of our respective child, this has meant that Christmas lasts and lasts in the ACCROchet household.

Today as part of those presents, we went to a ceramic-café right by our house: Crèmerie Café Céramique in St-Eustache, on Montreal’s North Shore.

Right off the bat the staff was very helpful explaining the process, and pointing out the different items we could make, as well as the types of paints that could be used, and how the different number of layers of paint would look. We chose the ‘concept’ paint so that all of our pieces can be dishwashed (not that the kids’ pieces will need it, but it seemed it’d just be simpler to all use the same stuff).

There was A LOT of choice. From dishware to figurines, to coin banks & doggie-biscuit dispensers… I chose a rice bowl, to be converted into a yarn bowl. The kids chose coin banks shaped like monsters, and The Man went for a big beer glass / cup. Meanwhile, the staff prepared our table with what we’d need (brushes, tiles to lay paints on, cloths to wipe rinsed brushes on, and glasses of water to rinse the brushes).

We brought a bunch of paints to the table and set to work. We all wanted deep colouring, so we planned on 3 layers of paint. The Man’s project was slightly too complicated to allow for that, but as he doesn’t at all think of himself as an artist, he was pretty pleased with how it did turn out despite only having time for one layer. He was apparently the only person to complete that particular project in one sitting. Between layers of paint, we used a blowdryer to speed things up.

Our finished pieces are all pretty fabulous even though they are still rather pale — which is to be expected before they are cooked for 3 to 4 hours in a special oven at about 2000 degrees… F or C, doesn’t matter at that point.

And now the waiting game begins. In 7 to 10 days I will get a call to go pick up our cooked (glazed) pieces. Cannot wait! I will, of course, update you!

If you are on the North Shore, this place is worth the trip. You can also have a child’s (or adult’s!) birthday party there… and with the ice cream shop inside, that would be way cool for someone who is turning 38 this May (wink, wink!)


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