Be the crochet change: February 2016, Le Bois des Rêves

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Whelp, it didn’t take long for me to settle on a pattern for #bethecrochetchange this month. This photo just popped out at me, making me gasp audibly, alone in front of my computer.

Le Bois des Rêves, Rachel Henri

Le Bois des Rêves, Rachel Henri


Rachel says that to make this project, you will need only basic understanding of Tunisian crochet. And you can make it wider, into a stole, quite easily.  I know I’m going to need to crochet this in a luxurious yarn.

Pattern is available in English and French.

To buy it, click here: Le Bois des Rêves, Rachel Henri

Julie xx


The #bethecrochetchange project began in 2014.

On the 10th of each month, I purchase a pattern from a crochet designer to encourage them to keep creating! Want to join in? Write me! Let’s make crochet viral!