I crocheted the Dahlia Shawl by Lisa Naskrent

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Let me introduce you to the Dahlia Shawl.

Dahlia Shawl

Dahlia Shawl

Technical details here : Dahlia Shawl, par ACCROchet

Material : 

Elegant Yarns Athena

Hook : G 4mm

Story :

This shawl was a commission for a friend’s wedding who promised wedding pics to show it off.  And they do!

Lace is a time investment for sure (this one took 3 months, but in my defense I kept putting it down) – and it is an odd thing to create because until you block it, it looks like nothing.  That said, if you’ve been interested in, but scared of lace : JUMP!  DO IT! You will be soooo proud of yourself when it’s done. Breathtaking.

Miss ACCROchet asked me if I’d make myself one after completing the one for my friend.  Uhm, no.  No no no no no.  I don’t think my sanity would survive.  The pattern is beautiful and easy enough, but the next such long term project will require something new.  And it’s not like the lace patterns are lacking!


Dahlia Shawl - wedding day

Dahlia Shawl – wedding day


Dahlia Shawl - up close

Dahlia Shawl – up close





If you’d like your own lace shawl for a special occasion or as a gift to yourself or a friend, I’d be happy to help. 

Any colour of the rainbow, different styles available; simply contact me via email to discuss.  These projects require a greater time investment and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.