I went to the Twist Fibre Festival

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As I’ve done each year for the last 3, I spent a wonderful weekend at the Festival de la fibre Twist in Saint-André-Avellin, Qc.

This year was an all-girls event: I shared my kiosk with Stéphanie of À la maille suivante & I was helped by Miss ACCROchet throughout this beautiful & exhausting weekend.


For this first time this year, I started the weekend with a workshop: Freeform Crochet with Heather Lightbody of Girl with a hook. I’ve seen freeform crochet throughout the years, but the technique seemed… well… complicated. At any rate, we came with our yarns & hooks, ready to try it.

Heather is great at explaining & makes freeform crochet super intriguing. I now have a crazy desire for art yarns and handspun yarns to play with.

Girl with a hook, freeform crochet workshop-atelier

Girl with a hook, freeform crochet workshop-atelier

After that, Miss ACCROchet and I went to put up our tent, and our kiosk.


The BIG day. Today I will part with a bunch of pattern prototypes thanks to the encouragements of Miss ACCROchet who convinced me to let them go to loving homes. These are the items that I made in order to write the patterns you can purchase in my Ravelry shop. Unique pieces that I was glad to see be adopted.

In the afternoon, Miss ACCROchet went to see a drop spindle demo by Julie of La Julie Factrie & Pompon Laine+Café. And so a monster was created. If the freeform crochet workshop turned her back on to my world the day before, this demo completed the task. She spent the rest of the day and a good chunk of Sunday morning spinning fiber she purchased at Fibrez. Then she tried an Ashford spinning wheel.


On this day we went around the kiosks to discover new things & purchases what our hearts required. With her adventures in spinning, Miss ACCROchet only had eyes for fiber. She left with beautiful fiber from Fibrez & Pompon Laine+Café. For myself, I let myself be tempted by many things: fiber from Wellington Fibres, a button and a brooch from Trukerie, a skein of art yarn & a sculpted bracelet from StudioLoo, a beautiful blue wooden hook from La Chèvre d’Oeuvre, and a Water Willow Design pouch I’ll keep my Tunisian hooks in.

So ends another wonderful event. I may not say it enough, but I love my people. I met new people & saw others I love and admire. I met a lot of you guys too, which was awesome. And I saw my creations leave with people who would love them. A huge thank you to Amélie and the entire team behind Festival de la fibre Twist. You do awesome work!


My head is full of ideas for next year!

Julie xx