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Hi =)

For the second year in a row, I got to go to Vancouver BC for my day job. I looove Vancouver. It’s beautiful, diverse, outdoorsy, and beautiful. I only got rain on the morning I was leaving. I’m starting to think they lie about the rain to keep us away.

Because Vancouver is on the opposite side of the country for me, it’s pretty much the same in terms of cost as going to Europe. Limiting. I feel blessed to have these opportunities to visit this place. Wanna see why?


Gastown (the original Vancouver)

Gastown (the original Vancouver)

Downtown Vancouver is the best of all worlds =) Shopping, clean air, water, mountains… Easy to find your way because the streets are in a grid. I didn’t go to the beach this time, or to Stanley Park, but those places bring nature right inside the city.


Depending which way I went from my downtown hotel, I was either 10 minutes walking distance from the harbour or from Stanley Park. Those harbour pictures say it all, I think.

There is no middle class in downtown Vancouver. There is poor, and there is rich. You’ll hit poor the minute you cross specific streets bordering rich. Housing costs are extravagant. Salaries, not so much. The median household income is the same as it is in Québec, but housing is at least three times what it is here.

There is also awesome street art in Vancouver. I was so happy to find Hello Kitty hiding on the Sky Train =) And indigenous art is everywhere!

As a fiber fiend, I had to go out and find local yarn stores, of course. And local dyers. I found both!


My first stop was at Baad Anna’s. A lovely little shop =) They had a great selection of yarns from local dyers, and from all over. Not so many tools or notions, even less for crochet, but the fibers… oh the fibers. I had a lovely chat.

My second stop was at Three Bags Full. Super busy place for a Thursday morning, and seemingly a little bigger than Baad Anna’s. More notions and tools. Less time to chat.

I divided my splurging equally between the two.

I purchased yarn kits by Sweet Georgia Yarns and Raincity Knits. That rainbow will become a Pride project of some sort.

Sweet Georgia & Raincity Knits

Sweet Georgia & Raincity Knits

There are other LYS I could’ve hit, but I lacked for time. Guess I’ll have to go again! Apparently, Vancouver needs some crochet addictor to push them along =) =) I have a mission!


Do you also look for yarn shops when you travel?

Julie xx


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