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Morning everyone!

As you know, I love to discover new fiber world related people, shops & things! I am pretty sure you do too =)

I hope you’ll enjoy this interview with Lilia of Lilia Craft Party. Lilia introduced herself to me recently, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lilia & her creations.

Visit Lilia’s shop here to discover her crochet & knitting patterns, and useful craft supplies.

Julie xx
PS Read on for a special offer from Lilia to ACCROchet readers!
 Lilia Craft Party
About Lilia:
I grew up watching one grandma sewing for a famous fashion boutique, and an aunt knitting luxury sweaters, scarves and colorful hats; my other grandma was a professional dressmaker. You can imagine that surrounded by all these craftswomen, it was easy for me to fall in love with the handmade world.
During a trip to Venice, Italy I fell in love with the city and I decided to move there for a while. It is there, seeing all that beauty, my inspiration, desire to create, design, learn, and be absolutly happy doing what I really enjoy to do in Life were reborn!
What I love to do in life is….
Work peacefully in my studio, create and make lovely Handbags and fashion accessories, as well as knit and crochet my designs, and learn, learn, learn. I hope you like my business, and that you see that all dreams can come true, no matter the adversities in life. Our happiness depends entirely on us!
Hi Lilia! Tell me, how long have you been knitting & crocheting?
My great-grandmother taught me to crochet when I was seven years old. She started with the tiny chains to make a little piece, because the school had asked me to do something with my hands. I crocheted a little doily for the table and it was beautiful, but to me the most beautiful thing is the memory I have of that time.
…and when did that turn into designing?
It all started with my clients from my etsy boutique Liliavaniniboutique, where I made handmade bags and fashion accessories, all handmade and knitted by me. Last year I had a small collection of knitted newsboy winter hats for women, and crochet flower brooch/pins. My customers began asking if I had the patterns for those pieces, and little by little I started to write knitting and crochet patterns. Just like that I had discovered a new passion, a very challenging but highly rewarding passion. I love to write knitting and crochet patterns, and to design beautiful pieces for babies, adults and the home.
What is your best selling crochet pattern?
Until now the bestselling crochet patterns have been my crochet pouch bags made with jute fiber, and the crochet flower brooch/pin embellishment. My customers love the flowers because they can use them on any other accessories, like hats, coats and sweaters, bags, shawls, and dresses.
I´m also just launching my baby shoes collection, starting with tiny crochet baby shoes, delicious and extremely sweet, that you will not be able to resist.
What yarns do you like to work with?
I love medium weight yarn. I find it is better for beginners, and I always have in mind all my beginner customers. People who want to learn to knit and crochet are my priority, and once they are comfortable with the gauge of the average yarn it is easier to continue with other projects.
As the name of my Shop says (LiliaCraftParty), it’s a party and for this reason I like bright colors for my designs. I also like to work with natural fibers like jute; you can make lovely items with this material.
What makes your shop special?
What makes my shop special is that to me crochet is part of my life. Every day – even if I´m very busy or if I have a bad day – I finish my day crocheting, designing and thinking of new projects.
This is reflected in my store and in my designs, and I think that’s what really makes LiliaCraftParty special.
WIP Lilia

WIP Lilia

Thanks Lilia =) 
Visit Lilia’s shop here to discover her crochet & knitting patterns, and useful craft supplies.
As promised, Lilia has a special deal for ACCROchet readers:


♥Use coupon code 25DISCOUNT on Etsy to save 25% off anything in Lilia’s shop. AND if you buy 2 or more patterns, Lilia will even give you an extra FREE pattern of your choice if you e-mail her at liliavanini@live.com! Can’t beat that! Ends August 31, 2015.♥

Want to be featured in a future ‘Introducing’ article? I’m always open to sharing shops & blogs from fiber lovers! Send me an e-mail and we can discuss it =)



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