The Life of an Overachieving Procrastinator: August 2016

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Hi all!

August was definitely a month filled with events and meeting people! With Julie Asselin’s event in Coaticook & Twist’s 5th birthday, plus summer vacation & back to school, there are plenty of reasons to be out of breath!

It’s a good out of breath, though, and I am motivated as hell!  Crochet classes start back this week. Can’t wait to see my students =)


In the meantime, happy crochet!

Julie xx


Revised 2016 objectives – August

Online & offline events in July 

Upcoming events


    • Submissions / New patters (3 per month) : Reached!
    • Sales : CALs are like magic, and many of you came to Twist and purchased samples and patterns. THANK YOU!
    • Gifts : import free patterns here…

Branding & misc

  • Lookbooks are in production with Karine Viau
  • Branded product for sale
  • Translations…



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