The life of an overachieving procrastinator: July 2016

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If you read my latest posts here, you know I came back from Charleston with a head full of ideas! Spending 3.5 days with crochet addicts & other designers is pretty motivating.

My objectives seemed a little bit stale, so I used all this motivation to switch them around a bit.

I am looking forward to vacation with my family – it’ll be good to rest a little. Especially since I have a bunch of events coming up!

Happy crochet,



Revised 2016 objectives – July

Online & offline events in July 

Upcoming events


  • Submissions / New (3 / month) : Reached (4 submissions; 1 yes; 1 no; 2 pending; 0 patterns)
  • Sales : the trip put a serious dent in ths month’s sales… but I was doing OK til then!
  • Freebies : I want these to be available only here; working on!

Branding & misc

  • Lookbooks are in production with Karine Viau
  • Branded product for sale
  • Translations…


Happy crochet!