Mandatory x 5 : Doris Chan

Aussi en / Also in frFrançais

I should do this by book for Doris… not by pattern.

Perhaps I’ll do a second post =)

Of all the projects in this gallery, I’ve made 3 and have 2 on my to-do list.  So to me, Doris and her special no-seam technique are just a great fit.

The Coming Home Poncho was one of my very first ‘large’ projects.  I completed it on a trip & was very very proud of myself.

The Blue Curacao is – to this day – a favorite shawl to make.

The Zen Jacket is the only adventure in treble I’ll ever truly love, I’m sure.

The Dress and Shell are on my to-do list.  They are otherwise known as must-makes; the dress especially.

Have you tried any of Doris’s patterns?  Go see all of them here and let me know which ones should have been featured on ACCROchet!