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For my first ever Design Wars Challenge, I decided to work with Anne Geddes Baby by Red Heart Yarns.
What do you think of the colours I chose?

The names of the colourways were inspiring: Dolphin (Grey), Bumble (Yellow), and Taffy (Pink). While this yarn is geared toward baby items (I think a blanket as a baby gift to a mom-to-be would be neat!), I used it to create Quatre, my entry for the Challenge this week.

I’ve seen Red Heart yarns before, but I’d never come across this one.

The skeins are quite generous, and the yarn will hold up nicely to wear, tear, and wash after wash… super important for items you intend on using! (I washed my Quatre prototype and the yarn held up beautifully (well, minus the pompoms).)

This is a DK weight yarn that comes in a lot of different solid and multi colours. Great to let you play around as much as you like when creating crochet pieces.

With its low price-point (under $5 a skein on the Red Heart website), it’s perfect if you want to make great looking stuff on a budget.

The yarn is relatively soft, and a little fuzzy, which I think is important to know. I was expecting a crisper fiber, and so I had to reorganize my plans for designing. I think in the same yarn range, Soft has a much softer feel and a crisper stitch definition.

Quatre - MAIN

Quatre – MAIN


Julie xx

From the website:

Red Heart has partnered with iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes to make this wonderful yarn. It is a perfect blend of acrylic and nylon that makes it super soft and just the right weight for those special baby things. You’ll love the color range and the adorable patterns!


Fiber Content: 80% Acrylic, 20% Nylon
Skein Weight: Solids: 3.5 oz (100 g)
Yardage: Solids: 340 yds (310 m)

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