I crocheted Drops socks 120-37

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Drops socks 120-37

Drops socks 120-37


Ravelry Project Page : here.

Crochet : 2 mm

Yarn : Drops Alpaca in 4 colours (of which the ‘ecru’ is the most used) – such a joy to work with, soft and fine.  I loved it – and so inexpensive.  Wow.

Notes :

For Wednesday evening class, 2 students and I made these lovely socks.  Yep, crochet socks.  The only difference between knit and crochet socks is that crochet ones are slightly less elastic.

And yeah, easier to made (aside from the heel which sucks for everyone).

This pattern actually has a rather easy heel.  Upon first read, it might not be readily obvious, but I suggest you do what I do if you’re stupmed : read the instructions and draw them as a diagram on a separate page.  That really should make things obvious.  What you’re doing in fact after the 1st 2 decrease rows is repeating row 3 which has you make an sc-tog into the last stitch of the row & the first available stitch on the row before the decreases.  You’ll be doing this until you’ve used up all stitches on the row which precedes the decreases.   This makes for an easy, comfy heel.

Otherwise, I didn’t see mistakes in the diagrams, which was a welcome surprise, and the hints added before the instructions are helpful.  I would advise you to trust the pattern on how many times you are to do something, but not on the stitch counts.  Those are more often wrong than right.

If you decide to make these socks, show me pics!

Drops socks 120-37 par ACCROchet

Drops socks 120-37 par ACCROchet


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