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AMIGURUMI is a Japanese term used to described small animals and creatures one creates (in general) with crochet.  You can – obviously – knit amigurumis but they are typically crocheted.

Which reminds me : the Japanese use only one word to describe both knitting and crochet : ‘ami‘; they differenciate the two by whether you’re using 1 stick or 2!  Nice, eh?  They aren’t knit or crochet racist 😛

The second part of the word amigurumi comes from nuigurumi‘, which means ‘stuffed doll’.

In general, amigurumis have oversized heads, undersized, almost cylindrical bodies, and tiny arms and legs… or no arms or legs at all.

How are they made?

Well, that’s realitively simple.  In fact, amigurumis require minimal crochet skills.   You need to know how to :

  • chain
  • slip stitch
  • single crochet*
  • work in rounds (specifically in spiral rounds – especially if colour changes are required, otherwise you’ll have a staircase effect).
  • increase
  • decrease
  • …and you’ll need patience because you’ll be working with a smaller hook than you would normally for a given yarn weight.  Using a small hook eliminates the holes your stitches would normally create.  Your gauge will be tight throughout so this technique can be hard on joints.

*Single crochet (or at the most, half-double crochet) is used because in crochet, the difference between stitches is their height.  Single crochet is the shortest stitch, and this will keep your stuffing inside where it belongs, as well as keep your gauge tight.

If you understand these basic crochet notions, go ahead and try your hand!  Here are some links to inspire you :

Amigurumi Doll

Amigurumi Doll



Valentine Teddy

Valentine Teddy

Other resources :

How to position amigurumi eyes ?

300+ amigurumi patterns via Lion Brand Yarns

Amigurumi patterns dot net – an entire site devoted to amigurumis!

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