The Life of an Overachieving Procrastinator: February 2016

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Hello =)

Well, my motivation did come back! Yay =)

I have 3 patterns scheduled to come out in March, 2 in April, and 2 in May. Out of those 7, 4 are completed & in testing, and 2 need to be started, and 1 is pending yarn. It felt good weaving in all those ends last night!

I wrote an article that got shared widely, about the reasons why there are paid patterns & free patterns out there, to make sense of my slight reorientation towards sharing the work of the designers who, like me, make their money on paid patterns (vs advertising or sponsorships).

I had 2 work events that took me out of town; the first was a drive to beautiful Québec city, and the second was to beautiful Vancouver. I had planned to crochet a BUNCH on the flights to and from Vancouver, but the intense delays due to mechanical issues & weather had me wandering the airport aimlessly, and watching The Martian dejectedly instead!

I also had a local event, for work still, that was a set of conferences about business (but not). The talkers that made the most sense to me talked about yoga, meditation, letting go, and not being your career. It was good.

V-Day was sweet & lovely =) The Man is quite the planner. We went to a burlesque event, ate awesome meals, and got massaged – all over 1 tiny weekend!

Crochet Savvy published its last issue, so that my volunteer stint as French Editor is now over. I’m featured in the issue & it’s a good one, so I hope you’ll read it!

Patterns sales are up, year over year. I’ve started contributing a more involved article to Happily Hooked Magazine & I’m psyched about it!



If I take a look at this year’s objectives, what does February have to say for itself?

• Nurture relationships; meet new people; go to more events.

There were 3 events in January (work-related) and I enjoyed all 3 for different reasons.

It is possible that I’ve been convinced to teach at this year’s Festival de la P’tite Laine, happening in September.

I also got to feature 1 great Tunisian crochet pattern for #bethecrochetchange & 2 of my fiber friends for Featured Fiber Artist.

• Limit engagements to major events or, whenever not, to appropriate channels.

We celebrated reaching 5 000 facebook crochet fans with a bunch of designer friends, awesome sponsors, and beautiful crochet fans!

• Publish a 2014 & a 2015 pattern e-book.

Not done.

• Develop more revenue streams (translation, workshops, contributions, pattern sales, etc.)

I added Google Adsense to most of my free pattern posts.

I got an Analytics workshop for work, which may also prove useful for crochet!

• Publish 2 new patterns per month. Create 1 branded item for sale.

In February I published 0 patterns =(


• Create and stick to an editorial calendar. Make a to-do list in the evening for the next day.

The calendar is there; my work ethic fluctuates. The to-do list is currently mostly for the week, rather than the day. Working on it!

• Add links to all pattern shops in existing pattern pages on

Halfway done!

• Add all free patterns to; edit & republish older patterns; retire inactive patterns.

Retiring 2 patterns that I don’t think warrant a rewrite. You’ll find them here for 1$ until March 2.

My templates are being updated for 2016.

• Mindmaps!  

None this month.

• Add prototypes to Etsy shop.

They are there for the taking! Find out which ones!



My plans for March include more of the same: motivation, publishing, and behind the curtain exertion!

Julie xx

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