The life of an overachieving procrastinator: January 2016

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At the end of the first post of this series, I mention being tested. And I was. My zenitude was definitely tested.

January was kind of demotivation – I tried to attack it by keeping a stupid smile on, mostly. I didn’t really always succeed, though.

To start with, the website for the company I work for – a site I built and am responsible for – disappeared over the holidays, a fact I found out on the night before going back to work. It took almost an entire week to bring it back. Almost an entire week where the possibility of having to start over from scratch loomed very seriously. Luckily, with the help of the saviour known as my web developper, the site did come back.

Then, it was my personal site that died (this here website). Actually, it was still here, but clicking titles led to empty pages. This time, a faulty plugin was responsible. The error was fixed within 48 hours.

Pattern sales were underwhelming this month, despite a Design Wars challenge that felt promising when it started. Low pattern sales feel like crap because so much effort and time go into publishing a pattern – it’s hard not to take it personally.

And right before sitting down to write this post, I spent over an hour unraveling and untangling a sock on which I had lost 4 stitches as I worked. Bleh.

If I take a look at this year’s objectives, what does January have to say for itself?


• Nurture relationships; meet new people; go to more events.

There were no events in January, but I did try to interact more online with other crocheters in the groups I’m in.

I also sent in my Twist application for this summer.

Oh! And I gave a crochet class to girls aged 8 to 11. That was a lot of fun!

• Limit engagements to major events or, whenever not, to appropriate channels.

I only did Design Wars.

• Publish a 2014 & a 2015 pattern e-book.

I published the January hats ebook, which was unplanned.

• Develop more revenue streams (translation, workshops, contributions, pattern sales, etc.)

I added Google Adsense to my free pattern posts.

I also agreed to design for 2 subscription boxes due out in 2016.

• Publish 2 new patterns per month. Create 1 branded item for sale.

In January I published 6 patterns: (5 January hats + the Kravitz scarf.

5 January Hats

5 January Hats


• Create and stick to an editorial calendar. Make a to-do list in the evening for the next day.

Well, I almost have a calendar, but the list… nope.

• Add links to all pattern shops in existing pattern pages on

I actually forgot about this entirely.

• Add all free patterns to; edit & republish older patterns; retire inactive patterns.

None of this.

• Mindmaps! Make them visible! (I discovered mindmaps through a business rejuvenation class at the end of 2015 & love them!) 

None of this either.

• Add prototypes to Etsy shop.

This I did do a lot of. Find out which ones!


I guess when you look at it like that, it’s sort of encouraging. And I looked at pattern sales in January 2015 vs 2016 and this year is better.

In February I hope to reconquer my motivation & finish patterns that are to be launched in March. I’m celebrating 5 000 facebook fans & I need to find ideas for 2 patterns for the month.

Julie xx

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