The Life of an Overachieving Procrastinator: March 2016

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It’s time to take a look back at March to see how it went. My feeling is that it went great!

In March, I published 3 new crochet patterns: : the Confiture socks, the Almost the same socks & the  Mint chocolate chip socks.

In April, I should be publishing 2 patterns (1 is finished; 1 is almost finished); in May 1; in June 1. I also have 2 secret projects underway; 1 is completed. And even more projects are taking form.

In March, I went to the very 1st Twist Retreat. 2.5 days of pure fiber-y joy.

In March, my lovely Miss ACCROchet put everything she had into practicing for her play in April. Can’t wait!

Pattern sales were much better than last year; this is a trend that feels good!

In my spare time, I’ve been working on magic cake shawls, and projects I’d put aside, such as lengthening a Doris Chan dress that was clearly not designed with 5’10” ladies in mind!


If I take a look at this year’s objectives, what does March have to say for itself?

• Nurture relationships; meet new people; go to more events.

The Twist Retreat: 70 women who love fiber. Hard to beat!

#bethecrochetchange & 2 fiber artists were also featured

• Limit engagements to major events or, whenever not, to appropriate channels.


• Publish a 2014 & a 2015 pattern e-book.

Not done.

• Develop more revenue streams (translation, workshops, contributions, pattern sales, etc.)


Nothing new.

• Publish 2 new patterns per month. Create 1 branded item for sale.

In March I published 3 patterns.


• Create and stick to an editorial calendar. Make a to-do list in the evening for the next day.

Evidently, what works for me is the weekly calendar. =D

• Add links to all pattern shops in existing pattern pages on

Halfway done!

• Add all free patterns to; edit & republish older patterns; retire inactive patterns.

I revised, rephotographed & republished the Atelier fingerless mittens.

Atelier, crochet

Atelier, crochet

• Mindmaps!  

This won’t happen just ’cause I will it.

• Add prototypes to Etsy shop.

They are there for the taking! Find out which ones!



Happy crochet!

Julie xx










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