2018 recap

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2018 Collection

I did a quick recap of 2018 for myself, based on the one by Nicole Bordeleau-zen :

1. What am I most thankful for in 2018?

  • My wedding to the man of my life, on Sept 23.
  • Having quit smoking, on Jan 11.
  • Being my own boss since April.
  • The beautiful young woman I am raising, Eliane.
  • The friendships that have been created, or deepened.


2. What did I accomplish in 2018?  

  • I quit smoking. I don’t think anyone – including me – thought I could really do it. I’d been smoking for so long, and so much.
  • I published 16 new crochet patterns. It’s not much compared to previous years, but quite a lot considering I also launched a business and the stress that came of that!
  • I managed to better target what I want and don’t want from this new entrepreneur life.


3. In 2018, what was my biggest source of anxiety and stress?

  • Oh, definitely being afraid to fail!


4. In the coming year, what do I want to change to be in better physical and mental shape?  

  • Move more, meditate more.


5. What dreams do I have for 2019? And what would be some first steps toward those dreams?  

  • I want to take a trip with the MAN, and a trip with the FAM; put money aside for this.
  • I want my collective of French designers to get KNOWN; target the world French pop.
  • I want for ACCROchet to be a name that inspires trust in Québec artists and artisans for the quality of the services I offer; créate ressources and content useful to them.


6. What would be my word for 2019?  

  • The word I picked is DELIBERATE. I will not say yes to things on a whim. I will not chase squirrels. I will say yes after thinking on it, and to things that reflect my values.

mot phare 2019


7. Word mash for 2019:

Trips, movement, FAMILY, success, dare, teach, learn, create, dream, meditate, collaborate, IMAGINE.

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