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I am quite fortunate to have in my life a LOT of crochet designers & other avid crocheters, yarn addicts, and creative people. I believe that we all have a space in the crochet world, and as such, I want to introduce you to them. Let me introduce you to Sheri!

Here’s how she describes herself:

Hmmmm…who am I? I am a mother to 6 children. My 2 biological daughters 33 and 32, my 4 step-children 15, 14, and 11 year old twins. I am a new grandmother and I am loving being one. I am a designer and love what I do. I crochet, sew, make jewelry, and anything else you can think of. I keep myself busy most times. I love offering free patterns to people….if I make just a few happy, thenit makes me happy.


What do you think of these 3 designs published on The Country Willows’ website?


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Julie xx

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