Knitcrate made me do a thing! (Dyeing is hard)

My May Knitcrate made me do a thing. Or dye a thing. Or two.

Knitcrate june 2020 contents

Knitcrate, like many other companies, has had to work hard to maintain operations during this crazy time. Packages have been different for a few months. They’ve done this really well IMHO.

This month was extra neat as we got 2 undyed skeins of fingering weight yarn, 2 packets of Kool-Aid, and a postcard with a link to a dip-dye tutorial from ChemKnits on YouTube. We also got a cute sticky-note kit.

And so I got my hands dirty (litterally) and dip-dyed some yarn.

Because of the citric acid in Kool Aid, I was able to do the 2nd skein with food colouring =) Hence the blue fingers.

I had set aside an entire morning to do this, but I’d say it actually only took 30 minutes – even including my crap attempt at food colouring. I suck at putting colours together and I under estimated how many drops to put in.

Dyers have colour theory DOWN and I am all for them feeding me their creations. I crochet. They dye. All’s well in the world.

My attempt at putting colours together could be called ‘Faded rocket popsicle’ with some generosity.

Ok, so it’s not THAT bad… But I will leave dyeing to the dyers. =)

If you want to join Knitcrate, follow my affiliate link and tell them I sent you! Who knows what adventures will come next ;P

xo Julie

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