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With Fall right around the corner (ok ok, I know it’s been here a week, but it was SO hot!), inevitably your favorite designers are launching a bunch of new patterns.

Now, since I think I am one of these to you, here are my new patterns =)


This hat is named after my daughter, Eliane (AKA miss ACCROchet).

I fell in love with this yarn the moment I saw it. It was sent to me by Knitcrate to design with for their first ever Eco-crate!

You’ll find the pattern here.

The yarn is Vidalana Delight Worsted.







I also launched this 2-pattern set, “Je suis une fée“, to transform anyone you love into a fairy.

The yarn here is by Crème de laine. Pure Bliss.








The “Un air de fleuve” was developped as a group project with a bunch of dyers from the province for Festival de la P’tite Laine in Rivière du Loup (QC).

You’ll find my crochet version here. 

The yarn in the picture is by Laine Chat Maille.









And last but not least, a last wink at summer.

With a palette outside my usual colour scheme, I created a top that is worked from neckline to waist, with no assembly, so that anyone can crochet their 1st wearable =)

And everyone else will love this too: it’s super quickly worked, with bulky yarn & a big hook.

You’ll find Cotton Candy here.






And that’s it. My latest patterns. And believe me: there a quite a few left to release before the year is out.


Julie xx

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