Overachieving procrastinator, January 2017: my word

This year, I’ve decided to do like many others and choose a word to guide me. I chose


Definition: attentive, aware, or careful (usually followed by of): mindful of one’s responsibilities. 2. noting or relating to the psychological technique of mindfulness: mindful observation of one’s experiences.

(I actually chose my word in French ‘réfléchie‘ and had to wade through synonyms to find the one that expressed the same nuance of idea.)

So less FOMO when I say no (or even yes), less spur of the moment, less running ahead of myself. I will be mindful of my actions and decisions.

I didn’t look back on November and December here (and I won’t), but I did look back on 2016 for myself. I can say that mathematically, ACCROchet was 3x better than in 2015. No, I don’t make a living with crochet (and that’s ok), but it does give me a lot: friendships, challenges with myself, expressed creativity.  My familly is beautiful and complete. My work is satisfying. My head is calm.

Talk soon,

Julie xx


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