The Confiture socks: let’s talk about the YARN!


Last week I published 3 patterns, including the Confiture socks. Let’s talk about the yarn I used =)

Crème de Laine is local to me. It is a brand new hand dyed yarn from Deux-Montagnes (Qc), created by a lovely French woman with a definite eye for colour.

The yarn I used for the super comfy Confiture socks is the fingering weight.

(Don’t shy away from fingering weight socks! They are not too thick for your shoes AT ALL, and are just so smooshy and comfortable to wear.)

So who buys a gradient skein and the cuts it before the colour changes? Me. That’s who! I like the colour block feel the abrupt colour changes allow. You could also work both socks without breaking the yarn, and letting the colour move into the next without your help! You do you!

The colours are super rich, and the yarn was already wound into a cake when I picked it up, which was a super cool touch.

The nylon content of this yarn sent me in the sock direction, but Stéphanie ( used the same yarn in a different colourway for a knit pattern, using the colour changes as indications to change direction. I can totally picture a crocheted cowl in perfect, seamless colour blocks. I just really like to complicate things, it seems! Or I wanted an excuse to go back to this yarn soon!

Crème de Laine recommends handwashing, so take note of that when choosing your project!

Julie xx

Check her out on Facebook (in French), or on her website.


Content: 80% Superwash merino / 20% Nylon

Care: Handwash in cold water with a cap full white vinegar; lay flat to dry

Weight: Fingering

115g (389m)


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