About the name:

In French, ACCRO means addict. ACCROchet is therefore a play on words, to explain this crochet enthusiast’s main motivation.

Huntington - Sneak Peak


What ACCROchet offers:

  • Original, colourful, modern crochet pattern design;
  • Product, yarn, book reviews;
  • Group, private, or personalized event workshops;
  • Pattern translation;
  • Luxury custom orders;
  • Designer mentoring…


Whether your are a publisher or crocheter; a beginner or an expert; a designer or a dyer: get in touch. Let’s work together!


La galerie ACCROchet pour TWIST



Get to know me:

ACCROchet is Julie Desjardins, a bilingual French Canadian crochet designer, who obviously enjoys puns. Julie’s aim is to foster communities that value and recognize the artist’s talent, time, and tools, and that want to surround themselves in those same luxurious elements.

“I work in advertising, and also as a fiber artist devoted entirely to crochet. My family is composed of my sweet daughter, Eliane (aka Miss ACCROchet); my soulmate, Marc-Olivier; my stepson, Oli; my cat, Mystère; the big dog, Charlie Calypso; and the small dog, Sookie. We all live in a pretty blue house on Montreal’s North Shore.

My original goal was to bring crochet into its own in my own province. Francophone crocheters had few resources when I came on the scene.

That goal has changed and evolved over time, and while I still have a soft spot for my French crocheters & designers, I now aim to be a resource for crocheters everywhere. I do this through classes, workshops, events, designs, translations and mentoring. I work with the best tools of the trade, and encourage others to do the same, to make everyone’s crochet experience ever more enjoyable. I love to discover and teach new techniques, to challenge crocheters of all skill levels, and to promote our beautiful craft.

Crochet still has a reputation for being the ugly, lesser one. That is why ACCROchet was born, but that is no longer its focus. Instead, ACCROchet’s focus is now on the beauty of our stitches, the magic we create with beautiful yarn, and that moment of delight when a new completed crochet project enters the world.”


ACCROchet - gilet bleu