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Who am I?

My name is Julie, and I fell into crochet more than a decade ago. I design modern, colourful crochet patterns, I teach crochet, I run a mentoring network, and I hope to make you love crochet as much as I do.

Beautiful crochet patterns!

My crochet patterns are tested by a fantastic group of ladies. I write them using Craft Yarn Council standards. All patterns are in US crochet terms.  

I am fond of hand-dyed yarns, gorgeous hooks, and just the best tools of the trade.

Whether you are a crocheter, a dyer, or a maker of beautiful tools… we will definitely get along!

One of a kind samples!

Each of my patterns is a prototype at first. A prototype I eventually have to send to a new family.

If you do not crochet, but are a fan of crochet or handmade, unique gifts (for yourself or someone you love), stay tuned. I will add these demos to my shop very soon.

A newsletter? Why?

Whether it’s a contest, a product launch, a new pattern, or an event, subscribers to my newsletter are always the first to know! And sometimes, also the only ones!

Know everything before everyone & spoil yourself… what’s not to like =)

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