Statement of inclusion

ACCROchet, Francrochet Le Collectif, and their owner, Julie Desjardins, are committed to working to ensure all of their spaces and content are inclusive and accepting of all.  

These are the behaviours and values that I, Julie Desjardins, expect from myself first, from anyone working with me in any capacity, and from my customers:

Kindness and respect for one another, and for each other’s differences will define all interactions. Whether we are interacting offline or online, through my pages or my groups, through taking a class, attending an event, or in any other capacity, my expectation is that kindness and respect will be shown by all parties.

I will not tolerate any type of discrimination based on gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, family status, disability or any medical or genetic condition and I will not tolerate hateful discourse of any type.

Diversity is intersectional: I can only understand my lived experience and will be open to learning of others’. I will therefore not use my being part of one group to justify my poor behaviour toward another.

If at any point, you do not feel heard by me, my representatives, or members of my spaces, or if I/we act in a way that is in opposition to the above, call the behaviour out. We are all learning, and should all strive to evolve into better people.