2021 in daily* crochet stitches


At the beginning of 2021 I decided to challenge myself to crochet every day of the year, even if only a few stitches. I managed to crochet on 363 days!

2021 in daily crochet stitches: DONE.

And to tell the truth, I feel like one of those two missed days doesn’t count because I spent part of it with crochet friends.

That evening, I went to see a play featuring Julie (La Fée Crochette) with Amy (Les Mailles à Mailloux).

A quick look back.

I’m really proud of all I accomplished in 2021. As I write this, it’s January 2022 and I have to admit that I did a lot last year!

  • I increased my revenue substantially.
  • I worked on a number of collaborations both with ACCROchet and with Francrochet, le Collectif.
  • I published new crochet patterns, including the one featured in Harry Potter – Crochet Wizardry.
  • I organized a teambuilding activity for Francrochet, Le Collectif at Ranch H&J.
  • I spent a wonderful weekend in Melie‘s lake.
  • I met weekly (online) with entrepreneur friends.
  • I welcomed many new members into Le Collectif.
  • I gave two conferences to future entrepreneurs.
  • I fundraised for the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • I auditionned for a mentorship program and now have two mentors.
  • I did a yoga challenge with friends.
  • I took advantage of the meditation and yoga in the park activities offered by my town.
  • I signed up for more yoga classes because I like the instructor.
  • I started going swimming a few times a week.
  • I started revising my business plan, my product list and my mission.
  • I said no to a project that doesn’t fit with my 2022 goals.
  • I walked with The Man almost every day.
  • I said yes when I was invited.
  • I survived 3 allergic reactions and Covid.
  • I meditated 3-5 times a week.
  • I listened to A LOT of audio books and even read REAL books.
  • I saved.
  • I minimized the amount of clothing I have. I got rid of a LOT of stuff in all of the rooms of the house, including in our storage basement.
  • I worked in my summer office as much as possible.
  • I cut down my social media usage.

I could keep going but I’m much more motivated by 2022 than by 2021 at this point =)

Looking ahead – early 2022!

  • I’ve already printed my 2022 habit tracker. I found a different one because… I could.
  • I’ll keep getting rid of clothing and things.
  • I’ll keep updating my business plan, product list and mission.
  • I’ll keep moving : swimming, walking, yoga.
  • I will respect my speed and needs.

What about you?

What are you looking to accomplish in the beginning of this new year?

xo Julie