Book review: Box Stitch Crochet by Corinne Freeman!

You’ve seen box stitch crochet online, even if you don’t think so, When you have, it’s been called ‘c2c’ or corner-to-corner. A lot of crocheters use it to create beautiful pictures in their work, often when crocheting blankets.

Corinne Freeman is taking this stitch to a whole new level with her book:

“Box Stitch Crochet: Use the Corner-to-Corner Stitch in New Ways to Make 20 Hats, Wraps, Scarves & Accessories.”

Read on to find out how you could win a copy!

About the book:

Learn the basics of box stitch with step-by-step instructions, and then learn to work it in a rectangle, with a beveled edge, and as a motif. Learning to change colors within the stitch and join pieces will enable you to crochet pieces you wouldn’t have thought were possible with box stitch. By creatively manipulating this classic stitch, Corinne Freeman has designed a wide range of easy, fun, and fashionable crochet designs. The stitch is quick to learn, and once you know it, you will be ready to complete the Butterfly Shawl, Crossing Neck Scarf, Under-the-Sea Motif Shawl, and any other design you choose.

Project variety:

I am really interested in making a good number of the projects included in this book, starting with these ones:

ACCROchet review: Box Stitch Crochet, Corinne Freeman
Box Stitch Crochet, Corinne Freeman

I mean those 2 shawls are just ridiculously gorgeous. Tell me you thought you could do something like this with c2c?! Bonus point: Corinne is a fellow canadian crochet designer, living in Calgary. You can follow her crochet adventures on Crochet4myButterfly

Buying info & contest:

Buy the book right now on Amazon or go to my Facebook page to enter to win a copy, Thanks to Stackpole Books who sent me one for you guys =) Contest ends Nov 15.

Julie xx