Juniper, a crochet shawl pattern

I’m a child of the 80s, a 90s teen… I grew up with Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, and Benny & Joon. When Sac’Ame asked me to design a crochet shawl pattern for her Christmas Mystery Box – where here special edition colour fades would be imagined for two of these iconic movies, I immediately said yes.

Benny & Joon movie poster

Sac’Ame is a Québec yarn dyer. I trust her colour creations. She asked me to pick a movie, and I chose Benny & Joon. And then I waited. When the yarn came, it did not disappoint. Imagine having to hide these beauties for months. Imagine showing them and being like, sorry y’all. Should’ve gotten the box. Because yep: these are all gone.

The Juniper Crochet Shawl Pattern

I designed this crochet shawl pattern with repeating – but not repetitive – geometric sections. I wanted the sections to be semi-unpredictable, kinda like their namesake, Joon. The crochet shawl works up quickly for a piece that requires 300 g of fingering weight yarn. It blocks to a gorgeous width and easy-to-wear height. You can wrap it around your shoulders to dress up a casual outfit, or complete a formal one; alternatively, you can wear this crochet shawl as a scarf without too much bulk.

Crochet shawl worn by model in a wooded area.

If the 2 sections of alternating colours have you sighing about ends to be woven in, stop! You won’t. Cut the yarn leaving long tails and don’t weave them in at finishing. You’ll just tie up these loose ends. Appropriate, no?

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xo Julie