Makers Christmas Blog Hop!

With the count down to Christmas underway, there’s plenty on the to-do list. And while you may have more to do than time, come visit us each week with new featured Christmas products and possibly save a little time and get some shopping for your loved ones, or yourself, checked off your holiday list!

From November 13th to December 11th, our Makers will be featuring their best Christmas Products and sharing them with you! Not sure you follow everyone? That’s okay! Follow Mad Mad Makers on Facebook, Twitter or G+. Or you can check out the bottom of this post to see who’s scheduled when and their links when they do share their products.

Makers Blog Hop

As a crocheter, there are few things more satisfying than seeing the smile a handmade gift brings on. It’s great that the people I love know how much time & feeling went into these handmade items. As a designer, I also know that sometimes, you love your family a lot… BUT TIME RUNS AWAY FROM YOU!

Here a few suggestions from my pattern shop for your own holiday gift making. Are you going to be starting early (if so, you’re already late), or waiting til the last minute frenzy to pick up your hook? I’ve got you covered either way!

I’ve got plenty of time!

Blueberry Jam Pullover, crochet pattern

Jacqueline Pullover, crochet pattern


I’m ok on time!

Granite & Quartz shawl, crochet pattern

Adstock shawl, Tunisian crochet pattern 


OMG Christmas is when?

Pumpkin Spice fingerless mittens, crochet pattern

Ski Bunny hat, crochet pattern


I hope you’ll join me on Facebook where I am hosting an ‘advent calendar’-type event with things to make you happy every single day! Prizes, cals and sales from now until December 24th. Come & invite your friends! The more, the merrier!

Julie xx

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