I tested: online prescription glasses with Bon Look

Those who know me know I loooove eyeglass frames. And owning a lot of them. But if you wear glasses, you know loving them & owning a bunch gets expensive.

In March I learned about Montreal-based company Bon Look. (US Peeps: the site is also available in USD).

$129 for a complete pair of prescription glasses!

129!? YES! Had to try.


  • The price. Impossible to beat.
  • Huge selection!
  • Choosing your frames by shape, face shape, width, etc.
  • You can do a virtual try on (webcam), or if you’re in Montreal, you can go to one of their 2 locations.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Great warranty if you hate them when you get them.
  • They do all the work for you with regards to getting the prescription from your optometrist.


  • The wait. It took 2 weeks to get my indoor glasses & about 3 to get my sunglasses. That said, the wait was mostly due to my optometrist causing delays.
  • Your optometrist will keep your pupillary distance measurement a secret – so you’ll have to trust the online procedure on the Bon Look website to get it. Again, not as much Bon Look’s fault as The Man’s.
  • ??

I decided to do this online all the way: choice, virtual try on, prescription fetching by the Bon Look people, and the pupillary distance measurement procedure.

With frames you already love, you can find glasses of the size you need (these are identified on ALL the frames) & limit to these. You can do tests with each one and your webcam, moving your face around to see. It’s not like real life, but IMHO it works.

These are the frames I bought & I love them both.

Need adjustments? Bon Look explains how to do them yourself, or reimburses you up to $20 if you get them done, or does them for you at one of their Montreal locations if you’re local.

Really, all my negative points are for the optometrist. They made it hard to get my prescription, refused to tell me how far appart my pupils are, and just generally annoyed me.

Indeed, when there was a slight mishap with my sunglasses, Bon Look redid them easily & hassle free.

And if you have insurance, Bon Look is covered.

Overall, a great Québécois company you have to try if you like paying $129 more than you like paying $500 +++ in order to see.


Julie xx