Time-saving crochet tip : working over ends

 Sideways side up crochet square by ACCROchet

There are crochet patterns that we love to look at, but would likely never touch for one simple reason : all of the ends that will need to be woven in.

I love to weave my ends in!

No crocheter ever

So what is a crocheter to do? Easy…

Work over your ends!

Time-saving tip : work over your ends!

Whether it’s because of a colour change, or because a French-Canadian designer is making you finish off at each row end (!) – working over your ends will definitely save time.

In the case of my Sideways Side Up crochet square for Moogly – there are a LOT of ends on 2 sides because we’re finishing off after each row. So as you can see here, I’m carefully placing each end over and behind the stitches to work into. When I’m done, I will have exactly 1 end to weave in : the very last one.

THIS is how I can sleep at night, despite creating patterns with annoying ends to weave in!

Caveat : this is not really going to work in a very lacy pattern. Hard to hide your ends when they are inside a hole.