This crochet class catalog is by no means complete ! It’s a quick idea of what I can teach, from which you can bounce your own ideas ! If you are interested in building a class or workshop with me, send me an email. We’ll work together to build the class you need.




  • Infinity Crochet: this exciting technique, developped by Briana K, creates stunning, popping crochet cables, with no unsightly holes or wrong side. Cables can go in every direction, including a full circle. Advanced class.

  • Demystifying crochet socks: one of my crochet missions is to convince as many people as possible that crochet socks are a wonderful, beautiful, wearable thing. Learn the sections of a sock, how to make my patterns work for you, and 2 types of heel. Advanced class.

  • Crochet basics: here you will learn the basic crochet stitches, techniques and concepts, to launch your creativity into the crochet pattern of your choice. Beginner class. No prior crochet knowledge required.
  • Granny squares: Granny squares are a crochet classic. Learn to crochet 2 basic granny squares, and learn just how versatile these bad boys truly are! Intermediate class.

  • Crochet basics – leftovers shawl: here you will learn to make a magic cake with gorgeous leftover yarn, as well as basic crochet stitches and concepts to start your own leftovers shawl. Beginner class. No prior crochet knowledge required.

  • Crochet for kids: kids as young as 6 can learn to make our crochet friendship bracelets. Big kids can enjoy these too! Beginner class. No prior crochet knowledge required.