2016 CGOA Conference, or what happens in Charleston…!

Picture this:

I’m drinking a bit, and reading a post by Doris Chan. She’s talking about her upcoming induction at the CGOA Conference, asking for people intending on going to wear something they’d made of hers if possible. I start to really really want to go and bring it up in a design group I am a member of. The Man just says, ‘sure!’

The next day I had bought a ticket to Charleston, SC, taken 2 days off work, and had a confirmed room in a hotel nearby to the conference hotel (now full) that Briana (Briana K Designs) booked for us.

I sure hoped my passport was still valid.

(Spoiler: it was!)

So that was two weeks ago, and now the conference is over, and I have so much to tell you! 3 days in a city I’ve never been to, with people I’ve never met – but in many cases know of. A crochet-centric 3 days…!

Let me get this outta the way: it is INCREDIBLY hot in Charleston, SC. Like, after-it-rains-your-glasses-fog-over humidhot. Like, sweating-like-a-sweaty-pig-when-simply-standing-around humidhot. Don’t know how you do, it. Have not complained about Montreal’s baby-humidity since.


Hotel Lobby
Conference Hotel Lobby

3 things I wanted to attend at the conference:

  1. The Gift Exchange, followed by a shopping preview.
  2. Doris Chan’s induction into the hockey Crochet Hall of Fame.
  3. The designer meet & greet.

It had been much too late to sign up for classes or get seats to the banquet when we decided to go, but that was ok with me.

Well, on top of those 3 things (that I did get to do) I got to meet many of the Design Wars Alumni – a group I’ve been proudly member of for some months now. I also got to meet and hang out with other crocheters, designers, and enablers (yarn peeps). Stacey (Busting Stiches, AKA my very own PB) & Tracee (Fromm Me to You), s’up!! I cannot wait to see you ladies again. Crazy fun.

Susan, Briana & I
with Susan Lowman, The Crochet Architect & Briana of Briana K Designs

At the gift exchange Susan (Felted Button) and I picked each other’s present unknowingly. (I got a better deal!)

Gift exchange

Doris Chan sang at her induction, asked us to parade in our items made from her gorgeous designs, and gifted us for doing so.


The picture I got to take with her expresses everything I felt in that moment. She is a rockstar, a crochet rockstar & such a fun person to be around!

We managed to get some tourist time in Charleston =) No beaches for us, but lovely sights and food near and at the Charleston Market.


The Designer Meet and Greet was on the last morning. This is where designers got to meet some big names in publishing to show off their wares, and get an idea of their potential. Every day, I saw just how prepared people were with portfolios, swatches, designs to sell. I was ambivalent about going – understandably, but I’m really glad I did because it turned out really well for me. I  decided to simply go to introduce myself as a designer from Québec, get some facetime with them.

Throughout the weekend, I was shocked (shocked!) that people knew me, knew my work, and most of all loved it. This was my first major event in the States & as a designer. I felt the exact same way 4 years ago when I started going to events in Québec. I don’t know. It’s just such a feeling. I love this world, and I am always so awed that I get to be a part of it.

So there’s all that. Some pictures of shopping for ya, before I head out. So wordy.


You should know two final things: my next Overachieving Procrastinator will be different from what they’ve been ’til now & see ya next year, CGOA peeps. Miss ya.

Love this shot!
Part o’ the gang!

Julie xx

PS: If I don’t have a picture of you, we gotta make it up next year. Looking at you, Jessie, Pia, Lorene, Elena & Kathy… and anyone I may have missed.



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